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Club Can't Handle FurDU (Music Video)

(Available in 1080 HD)

Music Video

So happy with how this video turned out. Couldn't of done it without the help of some very cool people, so a big thank you to everyone involved.

Was taken at this year, showing a whole heap of fursuit fun and dance.

Registration is open for 2012.

Enjoy the clip!
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FurDU 2012


Hi folks!
FurDU is back, bigger and better with more fun than you can fit under a big
top! We've been busy the past few months plotting and planning an event
schedule that will have you hanging from the high-ropes at what we hope to
be the craziest experience yet! Due to last years incredible growth, we are
pleased to announce that we will be located at a bigger and better venue
this year, expanding our rego-cap and offering a more stream-lined event
line-up we hope will introduce the new and exciting into the laid back, fun
and relaxed atmosphere that FurDU is all about.

*Dates: 27th - 29th of April 2012!*
Registration is live!*
Registration for FurDU is $60 and includes

- General admission for all 3 days
- A ConbagShowbag with FurDU's assortment of goodies
- A ConbookShowguide offering detailed information about the event
- A Conbadge ID tag and admission stub

Rego can be found at and follow the ticket stub
marked "Register"
Whilst we have secured a much larger convention space, *Rego is again capped
this year to the maximum capacity of the convention room*. With last years
"waiting list" exceeding 50 members, we strongly recommend that you get in
early to avoid disappointment.
A sponsorship level of registration will become available in the upcoming
weeks offering you a chance to help support the convention. This will be
available in the form of an upgrade from general registration and will be
limited to 20 members. Please keep an eye out for future notices.

*Hotel Information*
FurDU is pleased to be hosted this year by The Watermark
Hotel<> and
can be booked by their website using the promo code FURRY. Normal room rates
for this hotel exceed $300 per night so it is important if you are booking
by phone you let the hotel know you are a part of FurDU! The heavily
discounted rates apply from Thursday 26th to Tuesday the 1st offering folks
to arrive early or stay an extra day later. All bookings via the internet
will require credit card information to secure the booking. Despite some
rooms offering 2x double beds, all rooms in the Watermark are 3 people per
room max. Parking is free to guests staying at the hotel. Additional
information about the services and conditions of the hotel can be found on
either the furdu website or by contacting the watermark hotel.

4.5 star rooms host 2 Double Beds or 1x Queen and 3 people rooms (2 double
beds) are limited.
Room rates:
*2 People:* $135 per room per night ($67.5 per person per night)
+ breakfast = +$17 per person per night

*3 People:* $155 per room per night ($52 per person per night)
+ Roll away bed = + $30
+ breakfast = +$17 per person per night

5 star deluxe are max 2 people per room and come with upgraded room +
amenities, bathrobes and a $25 dayspa voucher
Room rate:
*2 People:* $170 per room per night ($85 per person per night)
+ breakfast = +$17 per person per night

*What is in store at FurDU 2012?
*In the coming weeks we will be making major announcements as to big things
happening at FurDU Carnival live! As we are busily sorting out logistical
information regarding guests of honors and finalizing an event schedule
which will surface within the next few weeks.
What we can tell you is that many of the favorite events from previous
FurDU's return in a more streamlined format allowing folks to attend without
having to decide between places as well as keeping in tact the laid back
FurDU atmosphere.

Returning to FurDU

- *Fursuit Games***
- *Furry Game Show***
- *Dance***
- *Art Jam***
- *Video Game Tournament***
- *Fursuit Photo shoot***
- *Poker Tournament*


- *Dealers Den*: Due to popular demand, the dealers den will be extended
to all-day Saturday this year for folks to show off and share their wares.
Tables will be available by booking only and can be manned by any registered
attendee giving artists a chance to stretch their legs or experience some of
the Saturday events. Additional information to book a table will be provided
- *Guest of Honour show*: Further info TBA**
- *"Carnival Live": FurDU's showcase event. A Prelude to the Furry Game
Show night, Carnival live offers all the fun, mayhem and entertainment of a
day at the faire!***
- *ActFur On Air: This year, the ActFur crew plan a Podcast show from
within the fray of furry madness.*

*External Events*
Whilst this years convention schedule has been tailored to offer in house
events throughout the entire convention, additional external events have
been scheduled to offer alternative choice. These events are not included in
registration and some may incur additional cost.

*We're happy to address any question, complaint or suggestion via email ( or on the Furstralia

Hope to see you at FurDU 2012!

-Drake, Joey and Oz.
Making Biskitz

We're getting full!

Just to let everyone know, we are at 30% capacity. This convention is limited to only 100 attendees. If you haven't registered yet, make sure you do so soon to secure your place at this years FurDU.

Stay tuned, we will be revealing the t-shirt very shortly.
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Furry Down Under 2011 Website now live!!

That's right, we are back again in 2011.

We will be adding more to the website in the coming months. Including events, entertainment, activities and information/updates regarding shirt sales, contributors and special guests.

We have already grown so much that we will now take up both convention rooms at the Vibe and for the entire 3 days. This means we will be the ONLY event happening in the hotel.

Should you have any questions regarding FurDU. Please feel free to email us at

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing you again in April.
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FurDU Conbook Artwork

I'm pleased to announce our Convention Book cover art is finished.

The artist Wookiee was kind enough to illustrate a dingo enjoying a day in the surf.

Wookiee was unable to colour the piece due to work restrictions, so I myself coloured the line art and added the background.
It was an honor for me to do a collaboration with Wookiee and I hope you are all as pleased with it as I am.

So a huge thankyou to Wookiee for offering his time and showing his support for Furry Down Under.

To view the piece in full, please visit


Also, we are still looking for submission for the convention book, story or digital line art is preferred. We are also keen for any advertisements for business or commissions.
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(no subject)

This tee is ready to purchase at a cost of $25 and features stylish artwork by Macroceli. Go here to view the design and order.

Available in sizes Small - 3X Large and comes in sand only (With brown trim.)

When ordering, please note! Like registration, please supply your full real name and furry name as stated on your registration.
Mail orders are not available and you must attend or have someone attending to claim your order.
Orders will close on April 11th 2010. And no further orders will be available after that date.
A limited run of extra shirts will be available for purchase at the event for $30. Sizes are subject to availability.

If you are local, you can pay cash to one of the organizers

Should you have any questions, contact us at

Thanks! :D

Thanks again to Macroceli for all his time and effort. If you are not watching him on FA, you can do so now.
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We are go!

Website has been put together and launched.

Just click the image below to be taken there.

We still have a few things to add such as full schedule, Official T-Shirt etc.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email us, or simply ask on the community pages (Facebook, Livejournal and Furstralia)

It's happening! Hope to see you all in April! ^__^
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