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furrydownunder's Journal

Furry Down Under - FurDU
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Community Journal for Furry Down Under. Furry Convention held in Melbourne Australia
G'day Mates!

Furry Down Under is an anthropomorphics convention/meet/party on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. In April 2010 Furry Down Under had it's first ever run and we couldn't off been happier! Furry Down Under or FurDU for short will bring together Furries from all corners of Australia and perhaps even the world, for a fun and safe time. It will also be playing host to many talented locals. From artists and fursuit builders to writers and performance artists. Furry Down Under will certainly be a party not to be missed!

Set in the beautiful beach city of Surfer Paradise, Entertainment is at your paws. You'll be able to meet new faces, see new things, party all night in a safe hotel enviroment. FurDU will be bringing something different to the table. Forget the formalities of a convention, just sit back, relax and have fun. It is a party after all.
The event itself will be based in a hotel within walking distance to the main city strip. All events, activities and functions will be hosted in the one location. There will be no traveling, no car pooling no need to leave the one venue the entire weekend. If you feel the need to be a tourist, be our guest. We encourage that if you and your friends want to travel somewhere that takes your fancy, you are more then welcome too. This is your con! You make the rules of what you want to see and do.

So we hope to see you in 2012! Let's make Furry Down Under the furry event to remember. Put it on your calendar now!

Registration is open and more information can be found on our website at www.furrydownunder.com

We'll see you there.